Who Are We...

Faría Business Group, Inc. is an organization envisioned by people driven by the passion of the result of their work. Our organization is constituted by motivated, dynamic, and diverse individuals who understand that each client's needs should be focused and tailored individually. Our organization is divided in two main business areas; Faria Business Group, Inc. -  focused on more business oriented solutions and Live Media - focused on more marketing, events, and promotional solutions. We are an all-around organization with a rich talent pool to help us provide the best products and services available at competitive prices. 

At Faría Business Group we offer
Unique Business Solutions that conform to your organization's individual needs. Everything from Business Development & Strategies, IT Products & Consulting, Marketing & Advertising Solutions, Event Planning & Production Execution, Business Image Management, and much more. 

We also understand that the road to success starts with that spark of initiative and is enhanced by innovation and continuous improvement

experience, insight, innovation, and vast market perspective… Your business demands are met here.